Sunday, 6 July 2014

Game of the week - 1

Hi there,

It's Sunday, which means it's time for the first ever Game Of The Week!

This week I'll be giving you the tips, tricks and secrets of Bean Counters!

How to play

1. Go to the coffee shop and click on the java bag.

2. Click "play".

3. Use your mouth to catch the bags of coffee beans as they are threw out of the van.

4. When you need to put the bags down, put the mouse on the pink wooden board on the right hand side and click.

5. You can only hold 5 bags at a time and if you try and hold 6 then you will not be able to take the weight and collapse. 
You have 3 life's.

Did you know?

This game was one of the first, around during Club Penguins beta testing!


There is a secret jellybean version for you to play!


Avoid the anvils, fish and flower pots!

Above: In game action!

I hope you enjoyed another post by ping5672!

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